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Moving On

July 14, 2017

“Wisdom comes from embracing contrasting experiences. Lucky breaks and pounding the pavement. A winning streak and a dark night of the soul. Selling out and taking a stand. Wanting it all and walking away.” -Danielle LaPorte

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am NOT a risk taker. I am a very deliberate person. I don’t gamble with my security. I make choices based on all the possible outcomes. I don’t throw caution to the wind. I prefer to be sure. 9 years ago I launched my photography business with the intention of making it a full time job “eventually.”

At the beginning I absolutely could not have survived on photography alone, but I was fortunate and that changed quickly. Between loyalty to my employers, fear of taking a risk and the comfort of complacency.. I hung on and did both jobs for 9 years. I could always find a reason to stay. Some times I would start work at 7am and not stop till after midnight. I was late for everything, I missed every special event and I cancelled more plans than I kept. I made promises I couldn’t keep, I backed out of commitments and I lost contact with people I truly enjoyed because I couldn’t nurture any relationships. In August of last year I had an epiphany on a random Monday evening. I was flying back from shooting a wedding in Kelowna. I sat with a man who owned 15 locations of a popular restaurant chain. He asked me questions about my business. Those really tough, surprising questions that throw you off balance. Right before we parted ways he said to me “I am going to give you some advice. You will never grow your business past the point it is, if you continue to split your priorities. It is clear to me you are good at everything you do. BUT be careful what you are good at, you could end up doing it for years. You lose nothing by taking a chance on yourself but if you don’t try, you may as well get comfortable being mediocre because that is all you will ever be. No offense.”

And so I began the long progression of walking away from my “day job.” I did not leave quickly. I backed out slowly, looked both ways, stop a few times and even contemplated staying put. In the end I made the choice to let go and yesturday I said goodbye to my retail management career after 17 years. I will always be grateful. It gave me so much “know how” and business experience. I was able to explore Marketing, HR, Admin and Planning and Developement. It allowed me to meet some of the best people I have ever encounteted, as well as some of the worst. I can problem solve my way out of anything and as of now, as of today, I can let something go that isn’t working for me anymore. I thought I would be scared. I thought I would feel a little lost. But today, I just feel sure.